TubeMate Apk contains multiple options for us but it is mainly used to download videos from all kinds of other applications. The app helps us to enjoy free streaming with its built-in media player. Now we can copy the links of videos from other platforms to enjoy free downloads on this application.

Open the app and paste your link to download videos from social media platforms or others. You can directly play the videos through this application to enjoy your favorite content. Let’s have fun while downloading our favorite content in HD quality by using this application.

What is TubeMate APK?

TubeMate APK has made it very simple and handy to download audio and videos from any other application. You can convert videos into high-quality audio as well. We know that the social media accounts don’t allow us to download media directly from their official apps.

Sometimes we are unable to get videos from YouTube even it is impossible to save them on our devices. On this superb platform, you will find all the things very simple and easier while selecting the best video quality to download. Extract audio songs from the videos to enjoy your music life.

How to Use TubeMate Video Downloader?

All these video streaming and download options are available for free on this platform. The app is very handy for its new users where they can find simple options to download videos. It has become very simple to get your favorite videos on this platform.

You just need to copy the links to your favorite videos. After that, the main procedures will begin to get these videos for your collection.

  • First of all, copy the links to the videos. You can also share them directly on TubeMate for download.
  • Now paste the copied link and this application will start loading for a few seconds. Within a short time, the video will be prepared to download.
  • You can select the video quality before clicking the installation button. After that, you can save all kinds of videos in your gallery. For audio, you can the same steps.

Features of TubeMate APK

This amazing app is now providing all, its services with some extra features. Yes, the app will offer different options for media quality. You can also play HD videos on, its media player. The app works smoothly and you will love to enjoy free videos on this platform. All these services are available on this app. Not only this but the users can also enjoy other features regarding their favorite videos on TubeMate App.

Save Videos

The app allows us to save all kinds of videos on our devices. Amazing options and tools on this platform can be used while downloading our favorite videos. After pasting the links on this application, you can get unique options to download your videos. With a single click, the videos will be saved. So click the download button and save videos and audio in its download list.

Fast Download Service

TubeMate APK allows us to download videos and all the media will be saved at a fast speed. Users with low devices and slow internet can also save videos with more speed. The download speed is faster than the other applications for better quality streaming. Without wasting your time, enjoy the fastest Services to save videos to watch them later.

Media Player

With the most superb downloading features you can also enjoy this excellent application while watching new videos on its media player. You can watch videos with better-quality audio and videos on this platform. So let’s have fun while streaming our content on this app. This superb media player will help you to enjoy videos streaming on it. It can play videos and high-quality audio for the users.

HD Downloads

For all the videos, you can get amazing options for the media quality. According to our data plans and device storage, we can download full HD videos on this platform. That’s how we will enjoy our videos with more fun and entertainment while watching them in HD quality. All of us love to watch HD videos. So select the best quality for more entertainment on this platform.

Create Playlists

In TubeMate App you can download the whole playlists for your collection. If you want to save a list in your download then you can download too many videos at once. With a single click, the videos will begin to save in your playlist. That’s how all the videos will be saved in their categories. You can find your videos without any difficulty.

Mp3 Converter

The all is not only used for downloading HD videos but you can enjoy other options to download audio music on it. For music lovers, this superb application contains different kinds of stuff with new exciting features and tricks. So let’s download audio songs or convert the videos into audio music. There will be multiple options to select the audio quality for better experiences.

Background Download Support

You can use other applications while the downloads will be completed on this platform automatically. Yes, this smart application is very popular for its background download features. Now you can leave your videos while downloading. It will continue until the download is completed. You can change all kinds of settings for yourself while downloading videos in the background.

Choose Location

Before downloading media, you can select the location in your device storage to browse them. It will save your media into selected folder. That’s how you can enjoy your favorite videos in your free time without an internet connection. So let’s watch offline videos while saving them in our gallery or other files. All ten files will be selected in the given location. You can easily find the downloaded files in your device storage.

Paste Links

With TubeMate you can paste the links of your videos on its home screen. That’s how the videos will be ready to download on this platform. So let’s enjoy this superb application while pasting the copied links to get that media. You can get the links from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and all kinds of other platforms to paste on this application. Other than this, share the videos on your Vidmate app to select options for an easy download.

Floating Windows

It supports floating Windows video play for all of its users. This feature is very useful to manage multiple tasks on your Android device. Now you can use other applications while watching interesting videos on this platform. A small floating Window will be available on your screen. That’s how you can continue all of the other activities using this app.

Secure App

Additionally, TubeMate APK is one of the most secure applications with better quality media and unique options to download. Now, this app is widely used to complete your wishes for getting HD videos. Save all kinds of videos with large sizes in your androids with its secure system. Furthermore, the app offers unique services to download media with zero charges.

Without Registration

Firstly, let’s begin to download videos on this app just after getting the app. Additionally, it is completely free; you don’t need to register an account on this platform. Furthermore, open the app and begin to watch or download HD media directly. Moreover, there is no need to register an account on this app. Finally, it now saves your time by providing all kinds of services directly.

No Advertisement

The superb thing about this free video-downloading app is that it allows us to get benefits without any advertisements. Yes, you can enjoy all kinds of services without being disturbed by the ads. All the advertisements have been restricted in TubeMate APK. That’s how you will be able to enjoy your videos without annoying ads.

Data Plan

In its settings, there are multiple options available for data planning. You can select the option to download videos only on wifi. This app will help you to customize your settings to save your data charges. So customize all the options available in its settings for better quality videos.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Like other applications, TubeMate contains advantages and Disadvantages as well. In the given lines we will discuss all of them.


  • This downloading app supports all kinds of social media platforms to download videos from it.
  • The app is simple to use. Now you can download videos just after pasting the links in the given options on this app.
  • Listening to music on this platform while continuing other activities. This means that this superb application supports background music playback.
  • Now you can enjoy this fantastic application with all brand new services without any cost prize.
  • Use the app directly on your Androids with no ads and registration.
  • Now you can convert high-quality audio music from your favorite videos on this app.


  • Downloading videos in full HD quality will consume more internet on this platform.
  • A third party develops the app, so you need to download it by granting its permission.

Download TubeMate APK

Main FunctionalityVideo downloadingVideo downloadingVideo downloading
Supported PlatformsYouTube, other sitesYouTube, other sitesYouTube, other sites
Download FormatsMP4, MP3, AVI, WAV, WMV, etc.MP4, MP3, AVI, WAV, WMV, etc.MP4, MP3, AVI, WAV, WMV, etc.
Download QualityMultiple options including 4kMultiple options including HDMultiple options including HD
Batch Download
Conversion OptionsAudio and video conversionAudio and video conversionAudio and video conversion
Built-in Search
User-friendly Interface
File SizeVariesVariesVaries
Supported Platforms for InstallationAndroidAndroidAndroid
Installation MethodAPK fileAPK fileAPK file
UpdatesRegular updatesRegular updatesRegular updates

Now you can download movies, reels, and all kinds of other videos on this app. It offers high-quality audio to its users. You can select this app to extract audio from your favorite videos. In all situations, the app will offer you to select media quality.

There is no doubt that this video-downloading application is one of the most important applications in our daily lives. So let’s begin to download it with some easy steps to watch offline videos by downloading them without limitations.

  • TubeMate App is available for free and it possesses a small size so you can download it smoothly on all kinds of Android devices. You can download different versions of this app which is compatible with your Android.
  • First of all, you can search the main keyword on your Google Chrome which will provide you, the latest versions of this application.
  • You can directly click the links to visit the main page for its download. Open the links and the process to download this app will begin. You can open the file when it will be installed successfully.
  • Third-party applications ask you to grant permission for the installation of unknown applications which is very safe for your device. Allow it and the app will be ready to use for getting HD videos and audio.


Additionally, TubeMate APK contains different kinds of options to download HD videos and high-quality audio to enjoy free music. Furthermore, we can use the app to download favorite content for free from various applications and platforms. Moreover, the download speed is very fast so you don’t need to wait while downloading the lengthy videos on this application.

In addition, this app is going to offer background download options. This means that you can download your videos anytime at any place without concern about the speed. Moreover, with a single click, you can automatically download all the videos for later viewing, even without an internet connection.


What are the benefits of TubeMate?

With the help of this mind-blowing app, you can download free video and audio by selecting your favorite options for video quality. So let’s begin to convert the best mp3 songs with this application.

Is it safe to use TubeMate?

Yes, the app is safe for all devices without any difficulty for the users. You can use it on your devices to enjoy free videos on it.

How to download videos on TubeMate?

It is very simple to download videos on it. You can download all the videos from your social media accounts using their links. Paste their links on this app to download them with a single click.